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Williamstown, PA

"The very finest in funeral service"

Minnich Family Funeral Homes, Inc.
Phone: (717) 647-9382
1238 W Market St, Williamstown, PA 17098

At the Williamstown, PA office you will most likely meet with,
Owner: The Rev. Dr. Nathan Corl Minnich, Supv., FD
Robert M. Stianche, Jr. FD
John R. Shultz, FD
Gary Sallada, Crematory Manager
 Tracey Minnich, Facilities Manager

We are excited that Minnich Family Funeral Homes, Inc., 1238 W Market St, Williamstown, PA is now officially licensed and now growing to serve the needs of our families. This facility is sure to fill the needs of the families we serve with a large chapel, service areas, offices, casket showroom, and more! We're filled with the latest technology and convenience features to go beyond the expectations of those we serve. Our state-of-the-art facility caters to what we do best for those who are in the midst of the most difficult time. Your loved one will be cared for by the most highly skilled and educated staff found anywhere.

This location, as of November 2022, now houses our newest crematory unity. A brand new retort using the latest technology adds safety and efficiency to the cremation process. This crematory unit is the third human crematory owned by Minnich Funeral, and operated only by our licensed staff. Our digital tracking, coin tracking, photo/fingerprint, and large refrigerated holding room make us the most trusted cremation provider of over 18 funeral homes in central Pennsylvania! 

When you're wondering about the process, just ask us! We're the only funeral home in the area that has the capacity to properly hold your loved one without embalming for any period of time in our state-of-the-art refrigerated holding room. This room under lock and security camera are vital to our commitment to the peace of mind for our families and the funeral homes we serve as well.

We are ready to provide for every need, from full service traditional funerals, to cremations handled entirely by us (at our own facility and not shipped somewhere else). Our preneed staff is ready to handle all your pre-arrangements, including prefunding with guaranteed prices! Just call us for an appointment.

717-647-9382 or email

This new facility is conveniently located in the village of Dayton, PA, just a few miles from all our neighboring communities of Lykens, PA, Williamstown, PA, Tower City, PA, Carsonville, PA, Tremont, PA, Wiconisco, PA, Halifax, PA, Orwin, PA, Valley View, PA, and so many more!



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