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Cemetery Office: Greenwood Memorial, LLC, 1238 W Market St. Williamstown, PA 17098

Inside the Minnich Family Funeral Homes, Inc. Williamstown location.

CALL TODAY: 717-647-9382

This can only be done through the cemetery and will guarantee the cost not to rise for your family. Ask us about all our death care services through the cemetery, or speak with one of the licensed funeral directors at Minnich Funeral to discuss all aspects of your final wishes.

 Cemetery Costs: Feb 2023 is the first time we've increased our costs since January 2020. We have been told that some funeral directors are misquoting our fees to the public and to their client families. It is illegal for them to add fees to cash advance items such as grave openings without your knowledge. A funeral home must disclose if they are adding to outside fees for any reason. If you were quoted, or charged anything different from what is posted here, please call us immediately.





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Greenwood Memorial Cemetery located at Greenwood Road, Tower City, Pennsylvania is now under the ownership of Minnich Funeral. Beginning September 12th, 2019 Dr. Minnich assumed the day-to-day operation of the historic cemetery grounds. He brings with him five generations of caring for the dead, and will surely move the cemetery into a beautiful future. 

Started as Clarks Valley Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, these grounds have been a trusted place of memorializing the dead from Tower City and the surrounding communities. Laid to rest here are so many local friends and neighbors, including the direct ancestors of Dr. Minnich and his family. “There is a strong connection to these hallowed grounds, given that my great grandparents are laid to rest here. Ensuring the sanctity and beauty of this place is not just in the best interests of our community, but it is personal as well” said Dr. Minnich. 

We’re already planning improvements and great things for the families we serve. We've installed a new flag pole and veteran’s recognition place, so that we can appropriately fly our nation’s banner on the cemetery grounds.

We have removed the empty mausoleum on the property, to improve the look of that part of the grounds. We've also taken down the old shed next to the garage which had been falling apart for years.

Our new Greenwood Cemetery caretaker is Mr. Tracey L. Minnich, Facilities Manager for all of Minnich Funeral.


Fall Clean-up has begun. All gravesite decorations are to be removed by Oct 31st. 

Beginning immediately we offer our client families these wonderful benefits: 

  • 20% discount on grave spaces for Honorably discharged/active duty service men and women
  • 20% discount on multiple purchase spaces (3 and beyond)
  • Prepayment program to GUARANTEE opening/closing of the grave costs
  • Prepayment program to GUARANTEE vault and casket prices
  • Competitive prices on vaults and grave liners from a family-owned company Evans-Eagle Vault Co.
  • Competitive prices on caskets from a local family-owned company Schuylkill Haven Casket Corp.
  • Expertly designed memorials, monuments, benches, and more.
  • Monument foundations all installed by cemetery personnel to ensure the highest quality



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