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"The very finest in funeral service"

At Minnich Funeral we have a philosophy that should be standard in our profession, but sadly is not. We believe that every family should be given the same consideration when it comes to pricing, regardless of the funeral options they choose. This may make us seem expensive, but being the cheap provider is not our goal!

Consider this: our pricing for cremation and burial begins with the FTC-required Basic Services Fee. This non-declinable fee is the professional time included with every client family. It includes the very same work and we believe it should be equal, regardless of the optional services and merchandise a family will choose. Why is this important? Simple, it ensures that the burden of cost is not unfairly weighted upon those who choose a traditional burial. 

Funeral homes that offer "cheap/discount cremations" will often make that cost less than the basic services fee just to get a client in the door. Many times, multiple add-ons make the cost much higher anyway, but it is nothing more than a marketing ploy to gain a price-shopping client. But, in doing so, every other family who pays the full basic service fee is carrying the burden of the funeral home's necessary costs. This flawed system plays a favorite to cremation customers while injuring all others.

If you choose Minnich Funeral, you know for certain, that each family is actually treated fairly, and beyond that point what you choose in optional merchandise and services is truly a choice. We never play that unfair game of "beating someone else's price" because that is not fair to all the other families we serve. If you used a funeral home that practices like this, and you paid full price, while someone else paid a different price, you should be upset that you carried the financial burden so someone else could play a price game!

Discounting a service for the indigent or those with true financial need is an option for all funeral homes.


MERCHANDISE: Caskets and Urns

At Minnich Funeral, we offer the very best in funeral merchandise. All our caskets are made in the USA and supplied by our local, family-owned casket company, Schuylkill Haven Casket Company. We've partnered with them for many years and that loyalty means excellent options, excellent service, and pristine merchandise with a local family guarantee of quality. We NEVER sell foreign caskets or big conglomerate companies, nor will we ever offer the low-quality scratch and dent merchandise offered by our competitors!

When it comes to urns, all our urn supplies come from another local family-owned company. Vischer Funeral Supplies, owned by a Lykens native, provides us with all our USA-made Mackenzie Urn Vaults, and other options through Terrybear.

All the prices on our caskets and urns are priced with a flat number, so we never become salesmen trying to 'upgrade' a family to a more expensive product. We make the same amount on the least expensive product to the most extravagant, so that you can choose what fits your budget and never have to worry about being sold something that you cannot afford or need!


We stand by this philosophy and would gladly discuss the details of cost with anyone, just call us!



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